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Add Document; Sign In; Register. L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 02 - The Struggle. Read more · L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 02 . The Vampire Diaries has 10 entries in the series. cover image of The First Bite 4-Book Collection cover image of The Return & The Hunters Collection. The Vampire Diaries: Unlocking the Secrets of Mystic Falls A richly illustrated, behind-the-scenes look at the creative magic behind CW's popular drama, which .

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Stefan was born July 5, in Florence, Italy to Conte Di Giuseppe Salvatore and his unnamed mother, who died a few years after Stefan's birth due to an illness.

Stefan is a five hundred plus year old immortal born during the time of The Renaissance, who was one of the Salvatore brothers that fell deeply in love with a young beautiful Bulgarian girl who was a vampire, Katherine Von Swartzschild, during his human life and before he was transformed into a vampire when he was a 17 year old human boy.

During his human life, Stefan was a noble, aristocratic young man who lived by a strict code of morals, values, ethics and code of honor. Stefan strongly believed in nobility, duty, responsibility, justice and doing the right thing as much as possible.

In his human years, Stefan was seen to be deeply sentimental and he was shown to care about family, friends, memories, duty, his ambitions and studies, responsibility and serving his duty to his hometown of Florence. Between he and Damon, Stefan was the favored child with everyone, especially his father Giuseppe, mostly because Stefan was seen by everyone as a good, noble, obedient, and ideal son.

Stefan was Giuseppe's favorite son and held Stefan at high regard and respect because he was obedient, dutiful, studious, noble and responsible. Physically, Stefan is extremely gorgeous and inhumanely beautiful with classically handsome fine facial features which are youthful, boyish and fresh in appearance. He has a straight classical nose, full perfectly shaped lips, and high cheekbones which are sculptors dream. Stefan has the thick, soft, black wavy-ish hair, intense, captivating and piercing green eyes, which are described to be the color of emeralds, malachite or summer oak leaves and very pale, clear skin.

He is taller than Damon with a lean, flat-muscled body with long legs, and lithe, hard muscles in his arms and chest.


Stefan is said to strongly physically resemble Damon due to family relation; this is noticed by both Elena and Bonnie. Stefan wears a heavy silver ring with a large, round lapis lazuli stone given to him by Katherine on the middle finger of his right hand in order for him to walk in the sunlight.

Personality wise, Stefan is described as brooding, mysterious, complex, inscrutable and intense. In regards to his personality traits and characteristics, Stefan is the complete and total opposite of his brother Damon. Stefan is described to be pure of heart; compassionate, empathetic, kind, altruistic, selfless, moral, noble, brave, courageous, gallant, loyal and protective. However, on the downside, Stefan can also be depressive, martyring, guilt-ridden, isolated, self-pitying, too selfless, naive, self-loathing and stubborn.

As opposed to his elder brother Damon, Stefan deeply, strongly cares about humankind and has a very strong regard for human life. Because of this, Stefan has never killed any humans during his immortal life and therefore, does not drink human blood under any circumstances and lives on a strict animal blood diet although throughout the series, he does eventually give in to his 'no human blood ever' rule and drinks Elena's blood during times of intimacy. Although Stefan is very kind, compassionate, calm and gentle by nature, Stefan has a quick temper when provoked and can be menacing, intimidating and scary if you try to cross him, manipulate him or harm the people that he loves and cares about in any way.

Stefan is stoically loyal and fiercely protective. Stefan T… More. Shelve The Fury. Book 4.

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Nowe wydanie, z okladka filmowa! His hair was silvery, his eyes a direct blue now threaded but be an addiction I from manner, which was almost apologetic, though insistent at such times. Book 3. Includes books by L.

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