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Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error (0xF): 'The operation Found Show in Address Book attribute is not set and visible for. An object cannot be found' Error? There are incorrect items in the Offline Address Book (OAB) list object; The OAB has either a missing or. Restarted Outlook again, tried OAB download and instantly got the same error message as before (The operation failed. An object could not be found). Will leave.

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An Object cannot be found.' This is on Outlook connecting to exchange mailbox. I have done the following: Created a new Offline Address Book. I am receiving the above OAB download error from internal and Not downloading - OAB 0xF an object cannot be found EX I'm stuck with an error no one can download the OAB. When you click send / receive download it says the object cannot be found. Previously It.

Got the error 0xF The operation failed. An object could not be found. However, all those PC had no problem showing that contact on the list. Internet suggested 0xF being a common problem and proposed tons of things to do. Try googling and see, I bet the links are still there. However, none of those helped. It became obvious I need to apply several fixes in a sequence. Luckily, I found a sequence, which worked for me.


But first, some words about our environment. I am using a self-signed certicate called office. Everything seems to work well. Just the objest error 0XF.

Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error 0xF: An object cannot be found. I am also facing the same issue Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error 0xF: Inexchange server , Its a fresh installation of Ex sp2 ;. I too was baffled by the issue and I had to use a Microsoft support ticket to solve it. It took 1.

I have attached the final email sent; it has good documentation and links to articles. It contains more than you need but all is good information from our friends at Microsoft It was my pleasure to serve you during your issue Unable to create an outlook profile for a specific user on Exchange Server "cltsvr02" and getting error message, "The name could not be resolved.

The name could not be matched to a name in the address list. If you ever have any questions please feel free to call me. My contact information is below.

Unable to create an outlook profile for a specific user on Exchange Server. We found when the user trying to configure Outlook client it gave following error message.

OAB Not downloading - OAB 0x8004010F an object cannot be found EX2013

But we are able to login to OWA with the same user. Took LDP Dump for the working and non-working user. Found Show in Address Book attribute is not set and visible for Non-working user.

Configured the same as working user. Tried to configure outlook again, still no go. Created a Test mailbox profile and logged into the same machine where the non-working profile was configured. It worked fine. Still no go. Went to ADUC and compare the properties of working user with non-working user.

Found Email address tab is missing for the non-working user. So Remove the exchange attributes for the non-working user. Ran Clean up agent on mailboxes. It displayed non-working user mailbox in disconnected state.

Connected the mailbox to same user. Email address tab is visible for the non-working user.

Configured the outlook profile successfully. Issue got resolved. For more information regarding the issues please refer to the KB Articles: Removing Exchange attributes and deleting a mailbox: How to use the remove exchange attributes options: How to recover a deleted mailbox in exchange: Working with Active Directory Users and Computers: How to take system state backup: As part of Knowledge sharing I just want to update you regarding a few important Exchange related concepts and troubleshooting tools which help you to isolate and fix the exchange issues in future.

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Download OAB 0x8004010f An object cannot be found

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Microsoft is in no way liable for any third-party solution that this article mentions. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful?An Outlook. If the issue persists, please remove and recreate the Autodiscover virtual directory to check this issue. When trying to run test-outlookwebservices, it indicated that the Autodiscover service could not be contacted.

Wednesday, May 4, So my question is, looking at the above image, what should my Virtual Directory config look like? Any ideas, please? Neal Exclaimer. I too was baffled by the issue and I had to use a Microsoft support ticket to solve it. Out of Office Message.

I started investigating our config and came across an article of a guy having OAB issues after migrating from to

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