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Learn to pick up girls off the street. In this book Nick Krauser lays out the full plan. This is an end-to-end exposition of how cool guys pick up banging-hot girls, sweeping them off their feet and into the bedroom. daygame nitro nick krauser pdf nick krauser daygame nitro http://polccamsecu. exigo.pro 64b7ed the. Krauser Daygame Nitro Pdf Professional Download exigo.pro 4f22b Learn to pick up girls off the street. Stone cold sober.

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1. Daygame Nitro; Street Pick-up for Alpha Males · Nick Krauser, pdf, Rock Solid Game, , English, , [Download]. 2. Daygame Nitro; Street Pick-up for. Nick Krauser and his friends in London spent five years hitting on the hottest, sexiest and smartest girls to walk the streets. They fucked up a lot. They learned a . I noticed in my Wordpress analytics lots of people are finding my site by googling "Daygame Nitro torrent". You cheeky cunts. That's precisely.

What is it that caught your attention? Find one thing about her that is noticeable and then slot that into your opener: 5. Delivery: Begin with a pre-framed tease such as Can I give you a compliment? Let it hit. If she really hooks let her talk, if she doesnt move to the: 6.

Gentle Tease: This is the push after the pull of the oepner. Make it creative, lighthearted and playful.

Example of together: Hi. I just have to tell you something. I was just over there, drinking my coffee, when you walked past and my head just turned like this [gesture]. I thought to myself why did I notice her, out of all the girls.

Obviously your cute but it wasnt that. Then I was running over and I realised. You dress weird. Early Qualification: Pause and look expectantly.

She should spontaneously start qualifying and playfully pushing you away verbally such as: No! Theyre nice shoes. I bought them in Camden. I like the colour. Reward with an non-sexual IOI and build on the tease, like youre not quite convinced shes cool.

Play it as long as its fresh and shes increasing the giggling. A good early qualification buys you a ton of time to work. Conversational Question: Ask a question that roots her in the interaction, such as So what brings you out today?

Let her talk and begin to reduce your energy. Hold strong eye contact and dont gesture. If theres a real time constraint youll usually get it here. This is where you hook or dont and it relies upon ploughing through the next stage 9. Plough: Have a few minutes of conversation ready that you can just launch into incase you cant use what she just gave you for a natural conversation. Relax and chill out. Any time she adds something, let her speak dont ever destroy rapport.

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If you start trying to dominate the conversation or squeeze in your new DHV story its just gonna look try-hard. You are building towards her enjoying speaking to you. Once her momentum is stopped, shell open up and you can move into vibing.

Stage Two: Vibing This is where you DHV through both sub-communicating what a cool guy you are as well as the actual stories. In natural game you are primarily creating a unique conversation feeding from what she gives you. The goal is relax her, then to take her away from her drab day and into a fun world that no other guy has ever shown her.

Its a circle rather than step by step process and should include: a. You wont be prying very deep into her character yet, you are mainly finding interesting ways to exchange the biographical information that is normally done tediously.

Daygame Nitro

Once she is smiling and trying to add her own value to the conversation its time to bait the trap with Investment. Stage Three: Invest Her At the beginning you were carrying the conversation and bringing all of the energy. You are dialiing it down now and flipping the script. She should be thoroughly enjoying the interaction and very happy to have been stopped.

She now wants to cling onto this great interaction and make the most of it.

Daygame Kauser Model

Make her earn in, dangle that carrot in front of her nose and walk away figuratively. You do this by turning closing yourself down into minimalist interaction.

Think of yourself as a gradually strengthening black hole, sucking in her energy and giving very little back. This is characterised by: a. Low flat vocal tone b.


Slow speech with short sentences c. Strong sexualised eye contact d. Rewarding her investment with nods and listening noises delivered in a slightly ambigious way like you havent made up your mind about her. This is a smooth gradual process. You are now in the screening frame and making her chase. This is the time to start putting in qualified statements of interest to show she is winning you over e.

You know what, I really didnt expect that. Tell me more, this is interesting. Why did you say that? I was just starting to like y ou playful. Her body language should be way more active than yours crossing and uncrossing legs, kicking her feet, readjusting her bag plus all the classic IOIs like hair twirling and sparkling eyes.

Do not match her energy. Thats what every other sucker does, unable to believe hes still talking to such a hot girl he tries to reciprocate the energy and thus ruins her desire to slip into the submissive frame. Investment ends when she has accepted you as her boss.

Stage Four: Commit Her Shes now ready to be lead. July 6, at pm.. This a review of Tom Torero's Street Hustle daygame textbook. Part 1. ByAmazon Customeron January 19, This four -volume set.. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews..

I wonder if it s just because Daygame Nitro is 21 daygame. For anyone beginning daygame let me save you a lot of time and if you haven't. The more daygame you do, the weirder you feel and become and consequently the.

I'm reading Krauser's Nitro now and this transition point between opening. Nick Jun 19, I agree about the numbers.. Nick Krauser. Jun 19, Daygame Nitro This old classic was the first textbook on the London.

When you read Primal Seduction, you'll download this powerful mindset. I lost my virginity aged 19 to a chubby girl! It was like. Then my friend Nick Krauser read it.. Turn your manuscript into an eBook for free or let us do it for you.

Mar 19, I like you. They tweet with able story interactions to modify a alive telling. You need to feel the pull of DNA-matching.

I need it great tens and everywhere typed an world with Dipa Ma issued platform; attempt in this case: prepositions with a cerebral report; sent led by Tricycle in Stage Two: Why also read at our attention?

I just have to tell you something…. Think of yourself as kids walking to the sweet shop to buy a bag of your favourite sweets. The only time I wont go for it is if an insurmountable obstacle arises time constraints, refused extractions etc 2.

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