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This classic children's book by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves: his escapades and adventures with his. Written by Rudyard Kipling, Audiobook narrated by Bill Bailey, Richard E. Grant, Colin Salmon, Tim McInnerny, Bernard Cribbins, Celia Imrie, Martin Shaw. The Jungle Book is a classic story about a boy named Mowgli who was raised in the jungle by animals. This is a classic tale that was written by Rudyard Kipling.

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This classic children's book by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves: his escapades and adventures with his dear friends. Written by Rudyard Kipling, narrated by Peter Batchelor. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. A full-cast dramatisation of Kipling's classic animal adventure starring Eartha Kitt. Rudyard Kipling's famous tale tells the story of Mowgli, the.

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The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (Free Audio Book)

Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! Book Rating 1. Remove From Cart. Written By: Rudyard Kipling Narrated By: Various Artists. Reado Date: January Similar Titles. Popular Authors George R. The magical storytelling and unforgettable characters in Ben Doyle and Richard Kurti's audio adaptation of this children's classic have been brought to life by many well known voices from British film, TV, radio and comedy.

I had to listen to this over and over because I loved the characters so much! Great voice talents. Plus amazing actual animal sounds. I'm glad that I own this, because I will be listening to it many more times! And I will be staring it with my children.

This is not the kid version. Older kids would probably enjoy, but great for adults too. I enjoyed this book while walking on the hot and humid nature trails of No Georgia in the Spring.

I often felt like I was in the jungle and even did not freak out so much when I saw a few snakes, likely as a result of feeling so tuned into the jungle atmosphere. Love the music and different voices. Well done! Listened to this start to end in one sitting with my 9 yr old daughter, totally loved the realistic background with the superb narration.

There were nuggets of wisdom that don't come out in a movie.

Maybe Bhaaloo instead of Baloo: It may be a children's story but it still has the power to entrance this "adult. When I downloaded this selection I did not notice that it was a dramatization of the Mowgli Stories, and felt some concern when the introduction stated this fact.

I don't always like cast readings with theatrical sound effects, preferring to create the theater in my mind. This was a delightful exception. The cast was superb with the voice acting, and the jungle sounds created the proper atmosphere, especially the wonderful bird songs. I was enchanted to hear favorite stories told this way.

The Jungle Book I & II

Highly recommended whether you are new to the Jungle Book or already know it well. This book hits the best possible sweet spot.

The original text gave us these great tales but the dusty language can be dull to plow through.

Disney twice gave us the fun but watered it down into something juvenile and sterile. This audiobook has the best of both worlds. Very accessible and fun while sacrificing none of the content from the original stories. Also, anthologies are hit and miss affairs.

Since this is a focused selection, the result feels way more solid and high quality than the original full volume.

Listeners Also Bought

I bought this book for my eight-year-old godson on a road trip from North Carolina to New York. He has never been in the car this long so I wasn't sure how he'd do. This book was absolutely exceptional!

Between the wonderful narration, music and sound effects, it was so easy to get engrossed in the story. This performance will make you feel like you are in a theater and the acting and music is so amazing you will be able to visualize exactly what's happening.

I may have enjoyed it even more than he, lol!! It was a nice distraction for a few hours between his toys and electronic games. I hadn't thought of it in advance but was so glad when it came to me while I was listening to one of my own books. Now it will always be something we plan for. Thanks audible, once again you have made us very happy!!!!!

Would you consider the audio edition of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book to be better than the print version? I have not read the print version. I had only watched the disney cartoon movie. What did you like best about this story?

The soundtrack. Which character — as performed by the narrators — was your favorite? The White Cobra was my favorite I forgot the character's name.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I played this on a road trip, so I listened to it as I drove. Any additional comments?

The jungle book is a classic, and this presentation does it justice. The soundtrack makes it even better. By the Mowgli Stories narrowing the focus, it made the collection better than the original. Nonetheless, both versions rate high among the best collection of short stories, but The Mowgli Stories have the feel of a novel.

The dramatization, acting, and sound effects were superb and placed me in an Indian jungle. This was better than the movie. Which scene was your favorite?

The White Cobra in the Cold Lairs chilled and entertained me as my favorite scene because it was left out of the movie and animated adaptations. I was moved by the blind white cobra who guarded the treasure. He meets a happy ending.

Those who took the ankus after Mowgli did not have happy endings. The Mowgli Stories adaptation is better than the movie and the original book.

The Jungle Book - English Audio Book Audiobook with subtitles

By focusing on Mowgli and not on the the distracting other stories, a compelling narrative arc was created which made me want to cry at the end when Mowgli grew up and away for the jungle he loved.

I knew only the sugared Disney version and I was amazed amd touched by this beautiful original! Wonderfully played and acted I simply could not stop until the 2,5 hours were over!! Highly recommend for going back to a delightful children's fantasy world, where animals have a moral codex and respect I wish we humans also had!

Your audiobook is waiting…. Rudyard Kipling. Narrated by: Bill Bailey , Richard E.

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I don't think so.

And frankly i enjoyed it and didn't want to miss it so made time to listen with it together. Interspersed with delightful poems, this is indeed the perfect choice for a read-aloud with your kids! The one exception to this situation is the final confrontation with Shere Khan, who proved to be a force powerful enough to actually strike legitimate fear within Mowgli; but even then, once Mowgli learned the tiger's weakness, he once again took charge of the situation, and put an end to the villain's tyranny, proving his worth and initial boasting about his ability to survive and thrive within the jungle.

My view of the jungle book is magical entertaining and the best and entertaining book in the world way better than any book I have ever read in the world.

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