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The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. THAILAND. The Kingdom of Thai Map is the heart of Southeast Asia, bordered by Laos and Myanmar in Please download the map of the traveler to Thailand in a PDF file. The actual dimensions of the Thailand map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open, print or download it by clicking on the map or via .

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Chiang. Rai. Mae. Hong. Son. Chiang. Mai. Lamphun. Lampang. Phayao. Nan. Phrae. Sukhothai. Tak. Phitsanulok. Kamphaeng. Phet. Phichit. Phetchabun. Best travel and tourist maps in Thailand. Maps of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Patong, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, and more. Free PDF Map Thailand - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Free-pdf-map-thailand.

Travelers craving to learn the specific features of local culture should necessarily visit a local Thai mask theater named Khon and watch one of the stunning performances. This is a unique trend of drama art featuring stunning dance … Read more Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is the city with amazing culture, an acquaintance with which can turn into an unforgettable adventure. Like many centuries ago, locals revere national traditions and pay a lot of attention to local crafts.

Only a few travelers know that paper umbrellas, which are considered a real national symbol of Thailand, are produced here. Bo Sang district is a center of umbrellas, where you can find a huge number of craft workshops and retail shops with a vast selection of goods.

Here, … Read more Hua Hin The local culture is full of interesting features; it can be very enjoyable and informative exercise to study them all. One of the main features of national culture is a special way of greeting named Wai. Greeting each other, local people join hands at chest level and slightly incline their heads showing respect.

Wai is one of the main ways to show respect for the opponent. During conversation they can call the name of … Read more Krabi Locals feature a friendly and welcoming attitude to people of another culture; foreigners are treated with interest and respect. Residents of Krabi are very laid back and relaxed people; violent emotions and loud tone of voice are considered signs of mauvais tone. The local culture … Read more Chiang Rai Chiang Rai is often called the city of endless festivals, as a lot of interesting events are held here throughout the year.

Its brightest holidays are held in February, April and November. In April, locals celebrate one of the most anticipated and exciting events, Songkran or Thai New Year. The event is accompanied by a number of original traditions; some of them may seem very unusual to foreign visitors. Water is poured on all passers during the festive day; this hilarious tradition … Read more Phuket Phuket offers its guests amazing varied cultural program rich in festivals and celebrations.

During the rainy season, the temperature gets higher and the rain is heavy and unpredictable. Visa: The visa in Thailand is a visa on arrival, this means that you won't need to apply for the visa in advance.

With the Visa on arrival, tourists get one month stay for free. If you are planning to stay longer, then you will need to apply for a visa extension from the Thai Embassy.

That will cost THB and you'll need to provide a passport copy and the departure card that you receive when you enter the country. There are some places in the very south which are not recommended to be visited. In our case, we explored it over two months being in all around the country and never had an issue.

You should seek medical advice on vaccinations and any other advice a professional can provide you with.

As it is a dengue area, we recommend you to have mosquito repellent with a high concentration of DEET. Bear in mind that to enter the temples you must wear appropriate attire to show respect, that is: cover your arms, and your knees. In some of the temples, flip-flops are not allowed. They offer plenty of trains and buses at a cheap and reasonable price and are really comfy.

It might not be the fastest way to move, but the buses are comfortable and not expensive. What we liked about traveling by bus, apart from saving money, is that buses here are quite comfy. They all have toilets, blankets and they provide you with some snacks.

They stop once at midnight at the bus station where there are lots of food to buy. To get to the islands you can also choose between a ferry or plane. If you are visiting Thailand only for a few days, we recommend you to check the flights as they are faster. In order to get the best prices, it's best to book them in advance as there is high demand.

Simply check in Skyscanner since you will be given a comparison through different airlines.

About Thailand

Thailand On a Budget How much cost travel to Thailand? We found easy to keep this budget and we could even have done it for less money saving in accommodation by sharing room in hostels, although we did a mix of budget hotels and hostels.

If you want to save even more, keep reading some of our Thailand travel tips below which can save you more money. How is the average price calculated? It is the total of all our expenses in Thailand divided by 30 days, which is the time we spent there.

That is taking into account: What kind of accommodation? As you will find out, the price in the islands is slightly higher without meaning more quality. How did you move around?

Buses in Thailand are great, good price and comfy. What kind of food did you eat?

Free PDF Map Thailand

Most of the time we went for local food. And that means mostly street food, which is cheaper and also delicious most of the time What do you consider entertainment?

Alcohol, tickets for attractions, renting scooters in some places Get immersed in the lush nature, spot unique species cohabiting in the freedom of the jungle, live the adventure by taking part in amazing trekkings, kayaking down the river and much more! KOH PHI PHI One of the most developed islands in Thailand and one of the favorite destination for people looking for stunning white sand and turquoise beaches and feeling like letting their hair down at night.

If so, this is the place. In Koh Tao, prices are generally low compared to any other place due to the high number of diving centers in the island. Thus, most of the people backpacking Thailand will end up here. People come over to see the whale shark and explore the underwater world due to the stunning reefs.

Railay Beach is its most popular beach destination and is accessible only by boat If what you are after is to chill at the beach, it is a great choice, although is becoming really popular Thailand Itinerary Choosing the right itinerary to travel through Thailand is not easy since there is lots of stuff to do an see in many different areas of the country.

Normally the easiest way to do it is by separating the 3 main areas: North, Central, and South. The time and visits will depend on what you are after: North is great for nature, jungle, trekking, and wildlife Central is great for culture, vibrant city life, history, and temples, having even some beautiful natural parks nearby South is best for beaches.

There are so many islands to choose with breathtaking beaches where to spend your day. In the interest of time, we really recommend not to rush it. Although we think it is not enough to cover the 3 main areas. If you happen to have less time, we recommend you to follow our Thailand travel tips to plan your itinerary carefully and stay a minimum of two days at each place considering also the time you will have to spend traveling.

If you have little time, one of our top Thailand travel tips would be to use the plane to cover long distances to save you extra time. Things to do in Thailand When it comes to options about things to do in Thailand the offer is massive!


Things to do in Bangkok Go Temple Hopping: Temples not only represent a touristic attraction but also an important part of local people lives. There is not a complete Thailand itinerary if you miss the temples. The best time to visit them is early in the morning when the temperatures are still bearable. Find out what nightlife at Khao San Road looks like. Khao San Road is famous for its wild nightlife. Every day of the week, when the sun is gone and the darkness embraces Bangkok, the music begins and the streets display colorful lights all around.

Khao San Road is a place full of life, pubs and loud music flows down the road Visit Chinatown. One of the most crowded and unchanged districts, where there is always something going on. It is not just a touristic attraction but also, the place where local people shop and find bargains in the Chinese market. There you will find all kind of shops, mostly Chinese, with all you can imagine. Food is also one of the main reasons people visit Chinatown.

Get lost at Chatuchak market.


One of the biggest markets in Asia. Chatuchak is a great place to hang out during the weekends to do some shopping and mingle with friends. It is like a maze divided into sections, from handbags to the weird pet section. It also includes a huge food court with many different dishes. Go for a walk at Lumpini Park. A green space in the middle of the city jungle, Lumpini Park is the perfect place to go for a run or simply walking around. You can also rent a swan-shaped pedal board in the lake or suddenly bump into a curious lizard.

There is a gym area where people go to exercise. Day trip to Ayutthaya. Take a day trip to visit the temples of the ancient capital of Siam. Ayutthaya is only 80km north from Bangkok so you visit it on the same day and then go back to Bangkok.

Remember the dress code is the same as for the rest of the temples, cover your shoulders and your knees. The best way to visit the different temples is by renting a bike or hiring a tuk-tuk for the day. Delight yourself with some street food. One of the highlights of this country is without any doubt, its mouth-watering gastronomy.

You can find a delicious bite in almost every corner in Bangkok. Try the most traditional dishes cooked at the moment.

To be honest, even if you don't know what you are eating exactly, it will be delicious anyway. Explore the canals. Bangkok has been named after the Venice of the East. Back in the years, there used to be more canals than now, but there are still some of them. Get on a boat and find out some of the traditional houses and remains of the old Bangkok. Moving around by boat will give a different sight of a most authentic Bangkok.

It depends on how you do it, if you take the boat for a short ride then it is around 11 TBH.

Walk around the most famous streets in London. Shop the most original clothes designs in the streets of Tokyo Get a bite in San Franciso.

This shopping mall is not particularly cheap, and might not be on the mind of a backpacker, but there are sales during the year. Get to the hights of this city by visiting a rooftop. Get a view of the city Skyline from one of the most emblematic rooftops in Bangkok. Watch Muay Thai combat. The national sport of Thailand brings visitors from all around the world.

It takes place every Friday at around 9 pm. The entrance is Free.

Try to put this one in your Thailand itinerary. This train market offers a wide range of food possibilities, being seafood one of the highlights but not what we liked the most.

There is also an area with the trendiest pubs where people hang out after dinner to grab a drink. Things to do in Chiang Mai Take a cooking class. One of the most unique experiences is to learn how to cook Thai food. We learned some traditional Thai recipes using all fresh ingredients cooked in a traditional way.

Maps of Thailand

It was delicious. We had the chance to meet one rescued elephant. We cooked for him, we fed him and then we washed him. It was an unforgettable experience, being with such an awesome animal. Enjoy an Overnight at Cheow Lan Lake. Stay overnight at one of the most stunning places in Thailand. You will be sleeping in huts in the middle of the lake, swimming, and kayaking and also you will be taken on a night safari to watch some local species.

This was one of the highlights in our Thailand itinerary Book a Night Safari. You will be provided with torches and an expert guide. We really liked it and we got to see many different animals.But Thailand also has a third island group off to the east, near Cambodia.

Avoid peak seasons on popular spots Get the required vaccinations. Kenneth Gruca Jr. The visa-free entry of up to 30 days per visit is limited to a maximum.

Eating street food is one of the best ways of trying traditional Thai food for the cheapest price. The bright fest is celebrated for two days featuring exciting parades, … Read more. Choose your food wisely. The Thais are very sensitive to their homes, so when entering a house either hosts or guests always take their shoes off. The attitude has developed as a result of unfavorable environmental conditions as all the year round the … Read more Map of guides to cities of Thailand OrangeSmile.

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