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Innovation Advanced Teacher Book

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Let's talk about innovation in Initial Teacher Education

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Innovations Advanced - Teachers Book

Continuing Professional Development Already for decades, teacher professional development initiatives are mostly seen as a key component of using ICT in the classroom, with a variety of online and offline training programmes developed out of the experience.

However, once again, the focus on advancing pedagogical practice rather than just technical skills is the subtle but powerful approach. The Future Classroom Lab FCL has continued to prove itself as a valuable asset in this, supporting teachers as they carry out pilots in their own schools using the Learning Activities that they have collectively developed in the Lab. Obviously, CPD requires localization and a way of achieving this is through a train-the-trainers programme.

In an initial 2 day course, partners get training on how to develop their own course for local schools based on the use of the Future Classroom Toolkit. This will include access to course materials and resources that can be repurposed and full access to the Future Classroom Toolkit including future developments. Similarly, this training is offered to industry partners. The 5-day Future Classroom Scenarios course developed in CPDLab was first delivered in the FCL in Brussels in summer to teachers who had received Comenius funding and a second version of this course Future Classroom—adapting pedagogical practice was offered in spring Shorter versions of the course have also been run in two-day workshops for eTwinning 5 teachers in the FCL.

The second project, Living Schools Lab 6 LSL , has explored new models for mainstreaming innovative practice by establishing a network where Advanced Practitioners work with Advanced Schools based around regional clusters.

As well as impacting on the extensive professional development programme that has been provided for LSL teachers, iTEC and LSL started to put in place a new mechanism to allow exchanges with head teachers to take place on a regular basis under the FCL umbrella.

The third project, Creative Classrooms Lab 7 CCL is carrying out a series of policy experimentations on the use of tablets in schools involving nine Ministries of Education. In the first year of the project, policy makers and teachers in CCL followed the iTEC process to create tablet scenarios related to collaboration, content creation, flipped classroom, and personalisation and Learning Activities that were piloted in 45 classrooms in eight countries.

While in some countries the political context does support a top down intervention, this approach is not viable in every case.

There are indeed cases where the political system does not support any intervention e. Therefore, iTEC sought to achieve impact in a more direct way, through engagement with the different agencies and mechanisms that exist in each country, with the role of putting national policy into practice. To achieve this, project outputs must continue to be communicated effectively to those key influencers to encourage them and move them to action.

Clear messaging must continue to be developed and communicated, for those specific stakeholders.

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Messaging should highlight compelling evidence, and address where appropriate, factors that might be used to diminish or undermine progress. HLG members, representing the perspective of senior policy makers provided valuable insight into perceptions of such stakeholders and identified challenges that might present barriers to policy maker engagement.

Different Results in Different Countries While the project involved practice in over classrooms, geographic distribution of classrooms was not even across Europe which could suggest that iTEC results are more appropriate to some countries, and less appropriate to others.

With 20 pilot countries, it is perhaps not surprising that there are differences in approach that, arguably, should be further explored. Structures and systems, capacity for innovation and change, pre-existing relationships between students and teachers, and attitudes toward professional development all contribute to the differences in results between countries.

Timing might also be considered important, with each country at a different stage in the cycle of reform, and travelling in quite different directions.

A finding here is that resistance is often not caused by scepticism and can be mitigated by better contextualising the use of tools and approaches, such as in iTEC, in terms of readiness for classroom innovation. As a result, it could be proposed that scaling may not be possible because the precondition of innovative and enthusiastic teachers may not be in place. However, the first counter argument should perhaps be developing the conditions in which enthusiastic innovative teachers become the norm rather than the exception.

Top down imposition is seldom an answer.

Innovations Advanced - Coursebook

Further evidence of the limitations of a top down approach comes from a group of teachers who participated in an Education Fast Forward 9 debate. The teachers reported that authorities were introducing a requirement for them to be collaborative. Their reaction was to withdraw their labour, an unintended outcome from a top down instruction.

However, the experience in iTEC was that self-selection meant that the teachers who did participate were effectively teacher leaders. There is evidence within the project that such teachers actively spread iTEC practices and messages to other teachers, in a way that was most acceptable to them rather than a top down approach. That bottom up, organic approach, often associated with creation of movements, may ultimately be more powerful.

In these circumstances, advanced, innovative and enthusiastic teachers are empowered to take a lead within their profession and to act as ambassadors. Cost of Scaling Up Teacher Training The cost of scaling teacher training is dependent on local or national circumstances.

The OECD publication indicates some of the factors that influence participation in professional development activities. It should be noted that it is based on direct feedback from teachers. This suggested an untapped opportunity to develop online social CPD offerings.

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We therefore argue that when teachers are suitably motivated, and training resources are of sufficient quality and availability, teachers can effectively engage in valuable CPD at low cost and at scale online. This evidence has led to further development in online flexible training programmes which many of the iTEC partners have produced as, a direct consequence of iTEC.I woswondering you wanted I can't stond people who throw litter on the street.

Innovations Advanced.

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