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Av a No ilabl w! e Book Description This book will help you master the entire spectrum of exigo.pro Framework and Visual Studio , from. NET Framework, C# builds on a rich programming The third major revision is C# , and this is the version described in this book. .. black box is created. Pro C# and exigo.pro Framework. Sixth Edition. ▫ ▫ ▫. Andrew Troelsen exigo.pro Page 4 Apress and friends of ED books may be purchased in bulk for academic, corporate, or promotional use. eBook versions and.

.net Framework 4.0 Black Book Pdf

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exigo.pro black book pdf free download. Jan 7, A Programmers Microsoft: “The Entity Framework and ASP. Murach's ASP. NET 4. NET Programming Black Book is the one-time reference book, written from the NET Framework basics to the details of Visual Studio In Visual. Dot Net Programming 6 In 1 Black Book book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

The ebook is now up to around 80 pages, and I still have a way to go with it. I am very much hoping to have it done completed draft by the end of the week, but I'll certainly have it by the end of the year.

I find the Creating Business Objects ebook very interesting and i'm looking forward for the missing chapters and following books. Is it possible to increment the revision number each time you update it or add the date of the update?

I too appreciate a greater emphasis on using CSLA. The characters are a bit small but still easily readable. Even on a PC, the contrast is a bit too extreme in my opinion.

I wonder if that could be changed to a darker color? Also, I noticed a few errors - typos, grammar errors. Do you have someone who'll be proofreading the books before final release, or do you want this kind of information sent to you? RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, January 04, The Code Inline style the green keywords will become black when the chapters are final. Having them colored is helpful during the editing process because it makes them stand out more and makes it easier to identify when I've missed keywords during the editing process.

Each book goes through a copyediting process, after which it will stop being a draft. That won't mean the content is perfect, just better than it is now in draft form. That is a good idea, I'll start using a different scheme for the draft versioning.

One big motivation I had for buying the Kindle was to be able to read the new CSLA books on it since I really hate reading books on my computer or laptop. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed about the outcome. The most significant drawback by far was the size of the text, it was too small.

I really hope that you continue to look into finding a solution for creating a version of you books that is readable in the Kindle and other e-readers. In the meantime, looks like my wife will be the one enjoying the new Kindle! RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, January 11, I agree Rene, but it is a matter of balancing time and effort.

The only solution that seems reasonable is to basically re-typeset the content to fit into a smaller page size. That's labor-intensive, and so I won't do that until the ebook is through the draft process. Essentially, I need to change Word's page settings, then go through the entire book re-paginating and resizing images and resizing tables.

.net Framework Books

I don't want to do that more than once per ebook, because it isn't like having these in Kindle-friendly format increases my sales, it just increases my happiness : which is to say that from a commercial perspective it really doesn't make sense - but I'll do it once to make myself and others happy edreyes77 replied on Tuesday, January 11, I am considerig getting an iPad to read books.

No Tracking.

Understanding DataTable. Accessing Untyped DataSet Data.

Comparing DataRow Instances. XName and XNamespace. XObject and Annotations. Attribute, Attributes. Element, Elements.

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XNode Selection Methods. Understanding Deferred Query Evaluation. Support for XPath and System. For and Parallel. ForEach Methods.

See a Problem?

Invoke Method. Processing Query Results. Changes in Data During Execution. Reactive Extensions for. IQueryable vs. Identifying the Right Unit of Work. Handling Transactions. Concurrency and Thread Safety. Using LinqDataSource. Using EntityDataSource. Binding Single Entities and Properties. Binding Collections of Entities. We immediately realized the importance and the implications of LINQ for the long term. At the same time, we felt it would be a huge error to look to LINQ only for its capability to wrap access to relational data.

This would be an error because the important concept introduced by LINQ is the growth in code abstraction that comes from using a consistent pattern that makes code more readable, without having to pay in terms of loss of control. We liked LINQ, we could foresee widespread use for it, but we were worried about the possible misperception of its key points. For these reasons, we started to think about writing a book about LINQ.

Our opportunity to write such a book began when our proposal was accepted by Microsoft Press. NET 3.

Readers provided a lot of feedback about both these books. We took both the positive and more importantly, the negative comments as opportunities to improve the book.

NET Framework 4, which we believe is a more mature book, full of useful content to help people develop real-world. NET 4.

.net 4.0 programming 6-in-1 black book PDFs / eBooks

After spending almost five years working with LINQ, this book represents a tremendous goal for us, but it is just the beginning for you. Anders Hejlsberg, the chief designer of C , said that LINQ tries to solve the impedance mismatch between code and data. LINQ can be pervasive in software architectures because you can use it in any tier of an application; however, just like any other tool, it can be used effectively or not.

We tried to address the most beneficial ways to use LINQ throughout the book.

This turning point happens when you begin writing algorithms that operate on in-memory data using LINQ to Objects queries. That should be easy. In fact, after only three chapters of this book, you will already have the knowledge required to do that. But in reality, that is the hardest part, because you need to change the way you think about your code.

You need to start thinking in LINQ. We have not found a magic formula to teach this. Probably, like any big change, you will need time and practice to metabolize it. While it was annoying to re-type my email address everytime I opened the last ebook I purchased it was on the PC so not really a big deal. I don't think I want to do that on the Kindle.

The ebooks I've directly published have never been password protected.

I honestly find the experience a little underwhelming, but it does work. I've done some research into getting the ebook content into actual Kindle format, but that turns out to be really quite hard they don't understand fonts, tables or do a good job with figures - and of course a programming book has lots of all three.

I tabled the Kindle format idea so I could focus on getting the ebooks actually written. I might revisit the formatting idea in the future, or for future books - but for the time being PDF will have to be good enough. I would assume it's not bad on a DX. That makes some pages a bit empty when a couple of graphics in a row won't fit, but at least the code samples are readable.

I've seen some direct conversions that look like crap as far as code samples are concerned. I haven't tried on a DX. I have a colleague with a DX, but he doens't live near me, and he wasn't impressed. The DX is big enough physically, that his thought is you are just as well off using a laptop since you are probably carrying one anyway : MichelRenaud replied on Monday, December 20, I prefer the eInk display for reading - especially for prolonged periods of time.

I tried with my laptop and eyestrain kicked in pretty quickly. Not to mention that a 17" laptop is a bit overkill when all you want to do is read quickly gets heavy, and battery life is rather limited. The characters are a bit small because of the wide blank margins. I read somewhere that there's something that can be done about that. RockfordLhotka replied on Monday, December 20, It does help if I redo the page layout to remove margins and use a more correct page size. Of course that messes up other typesetting in the document, so it is basically a one-way process of taking the existing document and re-typesetting it for the Kindle.

At least that gets us closer - but it also is something that takes time to do, so it isn't as simple as print-to-pdf or print-to-kindle MichelRenaud replied on Monday, December 20, Indeed. A friend of mine sent me a novel he wrote and I had to play quite a bit before I got it to display properly on the Kindle. Interestingly the automatic Amazon conversion from. But that was all text - I doubt it would work well with a technical book.

Anyone who's purchased the ebook series can download this new pre-release of the content.I tried printing the document out thinking that the watermark was going to be subtle and almost invisible but is right there in your face and very distracting.

I've done some research into getting the ebook content into actual Kindle format, but that turns out to be really quite hard they don't understand fonts, tables or do a good job with figures - and of course a programming book has lots of all three. The ebooks I've directly published have never been password protected. Interestingly the automatic Amazon conversion from. Shankar rated it it was amazing Jun 11, John smith jamestown religion.

Edward ellis stanley armstrong. When an entity is updated, it traces back which table the information came from and issues SQL update statements to update the tables in which some data has been updated.

Pre-Compiled Queries.

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