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VMware Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers and leaves it to the system administrator to decide whether to make the change. 25 Tough & Technical VMware Interview Questions and Answers (PDF Download) . Managing vCenter Resources VMware Administrator Interview Questions. Vmware Interview Questions and Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx) , PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. vmware questions. Windows Administrator L2 Interview Question - System Administrator. Uploaded by. ksant

Vmware Administrator Interview Questions Answers Pdf

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VMWARE interview Questions and Answers pdf free download:: exigo.pro users are logon to their Virtual Machines via View Client. If an administrator. + Vmware Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Explain the physical IT Operations - Server Tech, VMware Administrator,VMware/Virtualization. Top 80 VMware Interview Questions & Answers Here are 80 interview questions on data center virtualization technology fresher and up to provide central provisioning, administration, and monitoring of the virtual network.

I have 2. And also it is important to do certification in VMware? Another idea is to build a home lab and start installing vSphere over and over.

You can use old PCs to do this. Sign up for a 2 week trial of vSphere at VMware. Ajeet, the key is to get hands on with ESXi and learn how it works and breaks. Something is always going wrong, usually because it was setup wrong and then someone has to figure out how to fix it. It was really awesome the way you are responding and sharing knowledge to people. Happy to get know about this page. I appreciate for your efforts and come back to you for any queries from my side. So requesting you to kindly share me some vShpere automation study URLs.

First Round was also technical and i think second round is going to be technical too on Skype this time. My suggestion is to focus on what was in the job description. And also be ready to go deep on networking, storage and vCenter. Finally, it would be good to know key commands that are used on ESXi for installation and troubleshooting. Please let us know how it goes!

I also recommend just going to the VMware. Learn about the products and how they are used. There are a lot of good topics going on. Join their community and see who you meet that can help you. Download the trial versions of vSphere and VMware Workstation and get familiar with how these virtual machine software programs work. I installed VMware and create a virtual machine. After that, I set up a new windows version without removing VMware.

VMware Interview Questions

Sounds like your controller is not recognized but lets see if someone else can assist you with more instructions. I am Asif Khan, currently working as sysadmin on windows, and willing to work as L2 VMware Admin, I have my lab setup which is well configured with VMware products, here my question is to get a job at L2 VMware Admin, what skill sets the interviewers would be looking for?

Over the years many of my team have been L2 VMware Admins and the role is a balance of building and supporting all the backend vSphere infrastructure. This includes all the hands on handling of hardware, patching and support. And depending on the company, it could also include all the networking and storage. L2 would generally be more of an operations role but most shops also expect L2 admins to do more than supporting and building VMs.

Setup up and configure distributed networks and virtual storage.

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Build and support Windows and Linux VMs. Troubleshoot performance, network, storage and application issue on VMs. Troubleshoot errors, crashes, storage, and network problems on the host. First of all, thank you for sharing these questions, however, I feel networking questions are missing.

Interview Like A Rockstar! Related Posts. Hi Shri — glad to hear you want to learn VMware! I hope this helps you. Hello Joe, I am new to Vmware. Hi Ajay, Thanks for the comment. Ajay, what most IT Managers are looking for is a person who can: Build and support vSphere infrastructure. Build and support VMs. Joe, If you have any sample Map of virtual infrastructure.

Hi Ajay, It needs to come out of you, otherwise you will not be able to explain it. I suggest you Google these topics: Pick something you understand and keep it simple. Hi Sharan, Thank you for your question. Raj Navalgund.

VMware Interview Questions & Answers

Hi Joe, Nice day to you! Thanks Regards Raj Navalgund. Thanks for the post Joe, this helps me prepare for my interviews. Hi joe, i am working as VMware admin i wood like to move cloud, it is usefull for Vmware admin.

VM Install. Hey Joe, Why do you mainly focus on information that could easily be found on Google instead of things that would actually be useful such as troubleshooting methods. Cheers, Rob. Hi Rob — Great question! Thanks for the comment!

Soumya Bhattacharya. Hey Joe, First of all I would like to say that your post will be very helpful for my upcoming interviews. This will get you started!

Thanks for the question. Ajeet Yadav. If this error appears then verify that the clocks on the host machines running the PSC, vCenter Server, and the vSphere Web Client are synchronized with each other. If you try to install it on Windows Server , it would not be installed and installation will be failed.

If administrator sees no response of added ESXi 6. Then he should check that port UDP is not blocked by firewall. If it happens, administrator should check vmware.

And the virtual machine was unregistered directly on the ESXi host. If any of resource of vDS is being used, then above mentioned error message with resource ID will appear. If administrator needs to capture network traffic for a VM, he should Enable Promiscuous Mode on the relevant port group. Then he can capture the network traffic by using any networking traffic capturing tool.

When a member node of fault domain fails, the remaining two fault domain members will be treated as failed. Fault domain is configured at vSAN Cluster level and nodes will be added in this domain. If any member node fails due to any reason, remaining members of fault domain will also be considered as fail. VIB is is a collection of files like tarball or zip that packaged into a single archive to facilitate distribution.

It is a very good tool available for VMware administrators to troubleshoot the performance issues. And a device is mounted to a VM is preventing vMotion from one host on another.

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Amazing Work Sir. Honestly A brilliant effort. What are steps and troubleshooting steps performed if Virtual machine is not reachable or not accessible. First check vm is power on or off. Thank you for sharing , It will help a lot of people and give them idea which kind of question can be asked in interview. Which ports are required for this purpose? Clock time of an ESXi 6. What should an administrator do to correct this issue? An administrator wants to shutdown the host using ESXi host. Which option would be used in Direct Console User Interface to perform this task?

What is vDS? How many maximum standard ports per host available? What are the main benefits of distributed switch vDS? What is the main use of port groups in data center virtualization?

VMware Interview Questions And Answers

What are three port groups are configured in ESXi networking? What is MAC address changes network policy? What is Forged transmits network policy?

There are three main components of vCenter Server architecture. Embedded centralized What are different types of vCenter Server deployment?

Top 80 VMware Interview Questions & Answers

It has two deployment types Embedded Deployment External deployment What is vRealize Operation vROP vROP provides the operation dashboards for performance analytics, capacity optimization and monitoring the virtual environment.

What is the basic security step to secure vCenter Server and users? Virtual Storage Datastore What is datastore? What is the. It is the configuration file of a VM What information. How many disk types are in VMware? There are three disk types in vSphere. Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroes: Physical space is allocated to a VM when a virtual disk is created.

Thick Provision Eager Zeroes: All required disk space is allocated to a VM at time of creation. It takes more time to create a virtual disk compare to other disk formats. Thin provision: It provides an on-demand allocation of disk space to a VM. When data size grows, the size of a disk will grow.

What is Storage vMotion? Version 11 What VM hardware version for vSphere 6. How many maximum hosts can manage a vCenter Server in vSphere 6. How many hosts can be managed by a cluster in vSphere 6.

A single cluster can manage maximum 64 hosts How can maximum VMs be managed by a single cluster? A single cluster can manage the maximum of VMs. What is VVol?

How many licensing options for vSphere 6. There are three licensing options for vSphere 6. Standard Edition: Enterprise Edition: Enterprise Plus: It also includes Distributed vSwitch and the most expensive licensing option of vSphere 6. Content Libraries What is the Content Library?

How many types of Content Libraries have? It has three types: A library which syncs with the published library What are the requirements and limitations of Content Libraries? What is cold migration? To move a powered-off VM from one host to another is called cold migration.

To move a powered-on VM from one datastore to another is called Storage vMotion. What are the different configuration options for VSAN? Uses both flash-based and magnetic disks for storage. Flash are used for cashing, while magnetic disks are used for capacity or storage. How many disk groups and max magnetic disks are allowed in single disk group?

How many types of storages can we use in our virtual environment? What is iSCSI storage? What is the format of iSCSI addressing?

What are iSCSI naming conventions? What settings can be configured for vApp? What is share, limit, and reservation? What are the alarms why we use them?

Alarms can be created and modified using vSphere Web Client; What are the hot-pluggable devices which can be added while VM is running? What is a Template? What is Snapshot?VxRail is the combination of min 3 servers which are part of a cluster and can scale up to 64 servers. Survey Most Productive year for Staffing: Embedded centralized What are different types of vCenter Server deployment? Virtual Networking What is virtual networking?

Virtual Machine port group is used by Virtual machine communication. An administrator tries to run esxtop by enabling SSH and using putty to troubleshoot CPU performance issues, but no output displayed. If administrator needs to capture network traffic for a VM, he should Enable Promiscuous Mode on the relevant port group.

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