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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Schaefer, Richard T. Sociology: a brief introduction/Richard T. Schaefer.—10th ed. p. cm. Includes index. Introduction 10th Edition Richard T Schaefer [PDF] [EPUB] Sean Vizcarra. Download Sociology A Brief Introduction, 10th Edition. Schaefer. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Growing up in Chicago at a time when neighborhoods.

Sociology A Brief Introduction 10th Edition Pdf

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Sociology A Brief Introduction 10th Edition Richard T Schaefer - [PDF] [EPUB] Sociology A. Brief Introduction 10th Edition Richard T Schaefer. brief introduction schaefer pdf sociology a brief introduction 11th edition schaefer sociology. 10th online mcgraw edition richard t 9th schaefer pdf brief sociology. By Richard T Schaefer Sociology A Brief Introduction 10th schaefer pdf download sociology a brief introduction 9th edition richard t schaefer.

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No notes for slide. Sociology a brief introduction 11th edition schaefer solutions manual 1. Outline and describe the steps in the scientific method.

Give an example of an operational definition. Explain the relationship between hypotheses and variables. Distinguish correlation from cause. Summarize the characteristics, advantages, and limitations of the major research designs. Apply ethical principles to the challenges researchers encounter in conducting research.

Describe the impact of feminist theory on sociological research practices. Summarize the benefits and challenges of conducting research online.

Analyze through a sociological lens the challenges in conducting research on human sexual behavior and the potential impact of such research on social policy. Inclusion of a written report with executive summary as the final task in the scientific method Updated figure on educational level and household income, based on census release Discussion of the reliability and validity of the American Community Survey Updated figure on the impact of a college education on income Updated coverage of the U.

The basic steps in the scientific method are defining the problem, reviewing the literature, formulating the hypothesis, selecting the research design, and collecting and analyzing the data. Finally, the researcher develops a conclusion based on the findings of the research. An operational definition is an explanation of an abstract concept that allows a researcher to assess or measure the concept.

For example, a sociologist interested in status might use membership in exclusive social clubs as an operational definition of status. A review of the relevant literature helps to refine the problem, consider previous attempts to investigate it, and reduce avoidable mistakes. A hypothesis is a speculative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. Variables are measurable traits or characteristics that are subject to change under certain conditions.

The variable that is changed or dependent on the independent variable is called the dependent variable. Causal logic involves the relationship between a 4. A correlation exists when a change in one variable coincides with a change in the other. A correlational relationship does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship, however.

Control variables are those factors that are held constant to test the strength of a relationship between the independent and dependent variables. In most studies, social scientists carefully select a sample. A sample is a selection from a larger population that is statistically representative of the population. In a random sample, every member of the population being studied has the same chance of being selected for the study.

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The scientific method requires both validity and reliability. Validity refers to the degree to which a measure or scale truly reflects the phenomenon under study.

Reliability refers to the extent to which a measure produces consistent results. In formulating a conclusion, sociological studies sometime fail to support the original hypothesis and researchers must reformulate their conclusions.

A research design is a detailed plan or method for obtaining or collecting data. Surveys are a common method of quantitative research used by researchers to collect data. A quantitative method is one in which data are represented as numbers or statistics.

Surveys may consist of oral interviews or written questionnaires. Ethnography is a qualitative research method that allows researchers to collect data through everyday interaction with a group or community under study. Observation is the basic technique of ethnography. Qualitative research involves smaller samples and different research methodologies. Experiments are artificially created situations in which researchers can manipulate variables. Sometimes experiments can suffer from the Hawthorne effect, a term sociologists have used to refer to the unintended influence that observers of experiments can have on their subjects.

Analyzing existing data that has been previously collected is called secondary analysis. Content analysis involves the systematic coding and objective recording of data, such as using newspapers, periodicals, and other common documents or venues to interpret and test the significance of data. The American Sociological Association ASA is responsible for publishing a code of ethics for researchers in the field of sociology.

Most research seeks to remain value neutral in its judgments when interpreting research results. However, some have suggested neutrality may be impossible to attain. As the feminist perspective gains influence among sociological researchers, feminist methodology is changing both how issues are defined and how data is collected.

Queer theory is also exposing some of the inherent sexuality bias in sociology that can lead to underreporting of gay and lesbian groups in a research process. Computers and the Internet are exciting technologies that are having a major impact on research. Adler and Peter Adler 5. What Is the Scientific Method?

Time spent studying may result in a higher grade on an exam. Other factors are necessary to determine causation. In Summary: The Scientific Method II. For a survey to be accurate, the researcher must develop a representative sample.

They also offer the advantage of uniform questions and answers, thereby allowing researchers to make comparisons across the sample. Samples for survey research are often quite large. This type of research relies on what is seen in field and naturalistic settings, and often focuses on small groups and communities. Ethnography is the most common form. Observation, or direct participation in closely watching a group or organization, is the basic technique of ethnography.

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A researcher might observe gang life or homeless persons through close study that may include personal interviews and research into the history of these groups. Classic experiment form uses an experimental group exposed to an independent variable, and a control group that is not exposed to the independent variable. Its principles included objectivity; integrity; privacy and protection from harm for subjects; confidentiality; informed consent; acknowledgement of collaboration and assistance; and disclosure of sources of financial support.

Exxon funded research on jury deliberations after the Valdez disaster. Some sociologists argue that true value neutrality in research may be impossible, but it should not be ignored. Research is now being conducted on the integration of work and family, rather than viewing the two topics as unrelated. Feminist scholars were among the first to identify unpaid, domestic labor as a form of work. Sociologists can now access real-time, geocoded that is, location specific incident reports instead of relying on victim complaints or police reports.

Box Social Policy and Sociological Research: Studying Human Sexuality A. The sensitive nature of the subject makes it difficult to obtain accurate information, and until the AIDS crisis, there was little scientific demand for data on sexual behavior. Senate voted to forbid funding any survey on adult sexual practices. Researchers found that women do not regularly use abortion for birth control and that affluent women are more likely to have abortions than poor teens.

Both of these findings challenge conventional wisdom and common sense about abortion. Code of ethics The standards of acceptable behavior developed by and for members of a profession. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Modules for Active Learning. Essentials of Biology.

Cengage Advantage Books: Experience Humanities, Volume 2, 8th edition. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues. Katherine Anne Ackley. Editorial Reviews About the Author Growing up in Chicago at a time when neighborhoods were going through transitions in ethnic and racial composition, Richard T. His interest in social issues caused him to gravitate to sociology courses at Northwestern University, where he received a B. But after taking a few sociology courses, I found myself wanting to learn more about what sociologists studied and fascinated by the kinds of questions they raised.

Schaefer went on to become a professor of sociology. He has taught introductory sociology for 30 years to students in colleges, adult education programs, nursing programs, and even a maximum-security prison.

Their insights into the material we read or current events that we discuss often become part of future course material and sometimes even find their way into my writing. Schaefer is author of the third edition of Sociology: Schaefer is also the author of Racial and Ethnic Groups now in its eighth edition, and Race and Ethnicity in the United States, second edition. His articles and book reviews have appeared in many journals, including American Journal of Sociology, Phylon: He served as president of the Midwest Sociological Society in Sociology will make you a more attentive observer of how people in groups interact and function.

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Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. As for the actual contents of the book Sociology , I haven't really read it-just skimmed it to get an idea of what the layout of the book is like. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I was extremely disappointed at the layout of this book rental e-book purchase. I wish it would have been one entire page of text, instead of columns it makes it harder to read.

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I didn't see any information about that in the description, kind of disappointing, now I have to make sure the book doesn't fall because the pages will go everywhere I used this book for my Intro to Sociology class and it was great! It's easy to read and explains terms and concepts in a clear way. It also did a great job of relating concepts to current world issues. This is not the newest edition of the book, but it was similar enough that it didn't feel outdated AND it was accurate enough to get me a good grade in the class.

If your professor is asking for the newer edition, this one will do you just fine. Sociology Matters was required in my Sociology college course. This book is an excellent choice made by professor.

It covers a wide amount of information at a very basic level. The book focuses on simple wording and proving the audience with examples throughout the chapters. Also the book doesn't go into depth like the other book required in the course Critical Sociology.

It does make very understandable to a huge variety of audience. I would definitely recommend this book to any beginner taking Sociology This is a great book for those who are interested in knowing the study of sociology. It is set up well in its instruction. I love the fact that you have the chapter and at the end some questions with the answers upside down , so you can evalute if you learn what was intended.Baker, Ph.

It also did a great job of relating concepts to current world issues. It's easy to read and explains terms and concepts in a clear way. Notes for 11th. Psychology is the study of the mind and human behavior. Customer images. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Not Enabled Lending: I'm wasn't particularly interested in Sociology when I took the class, but it was a requirement.

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