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Aaron Fisher - The Paper Engine. March 14, | Author: uzhiel | Category: N/A . DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. The Paper Engine Aaron Fisher. June 15, | Author: gonzalo | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. The Paper Engine Aaron Fisher - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. magia.

Aaron Fisher Paper Engine Pdf

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Home · Aaron Fisher - The Paper Engine. Aaron Fisher - The Paper Engine. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. The Paper Engine. Tension, Focus & Design in Card Magic. Written by Aaron Fisher. Work of Aaron Fisher. pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic. The Paper Engine, by Aaron Fisher, is a highly acclaimed book focusing on technique with cards. Download the paper Engine it right now at Aaron's store.

Outjog Herrmann Pass: Another control that is a variation on the herrmann pass -The Academic Outjog Herrmann Pass: a more advanced version of the previous 7. The deck is spread and the spectator touches a card. The spread is lifted to show the card they touched and you know the identity. Simple but effective.

Aaron Fisher - The Paper Engine

A Useful Switch: A switch with help from the half pass 9. Decking the Top: A method to replace a palmed card Uses a half pass surprise but is very visual and effective.

Hard to get good angles though Nice 1. Not the best in the book though 2.

Golden Nugget: A trick where the queens vanish and reappear. A nice trick 3. Three Kings: One of the best effects in the book. A trick with great patter where the Kings change and appear etc 5.

Revolution No. Helter Skelter: The chosen card changes back colour, before the rest of the deck does. Visual and nice. Search and Destroy: In my opinion, this is the best effect here for many reasons. Difficulty- Intermediate The Useful Switch. This move allows you to take the 4 aces, and with no funny moves, switch 3 of the 4 aces with indifferent cards. Difficulty- Intermediate Decking the Top.

The Paper Engine:

Aaron's method for replacing a palmed card. Seemed a bit out of place to me, but I have never seen somebody teach how to put the card back after it is palmed. Difficulty- Can you put a card on top of the deck? Then you can do this move A Diminishing Lift. Aaron's handling for showing the last card in a diminishing left sequence.

The Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher: In-Depth Review

A control that allows you to control multiple cards to the top of the deck at once. Difficulty- Intermediate The Omen.

An effect where 3 cards transpose with the 3 sixes. Has a storyline that has to do with Damien the devil's son and his magic powers. Difficulty- Intermediate Golden Nugget.

A good effect by my standards. You have to know the GHP. Difficulty- Intermediate , An Ace Odyssey. An ace assembly trick. I haven't had time to try it, so I can't give much of an opinion. Difficulty- I haven't really tried it, so I can't say.

The Paper Engine Aaron Fisher

Revolution No. A spectator takes a card from a faceup spread.

The performer places a card facedown into a squared deck, leaving it protruding from the front. With a wave of his hand, the card is now faceup. With another wave of his hand, the entire deck turns facedown!

This is a very visual effect, and I will definately use this. Difficulty- Intermediate Helter Skelter. A chosen card changes back colors, and then changes back.

With a final wave, the deck changes color. This effect is very similar to Revolution No. They actually go great together Difficulty- Intermediate Search and Destroy A sandwich effect where the spectator does all the work.

A great way to get you audience to be part of the show. With a quick snap, a previously chosen card one of the 5 appears faceup outjogged in the deck. Difficulty- Advanced because it forces you to know 2 of the hardest sleights in the book. The Tax Man. A Collectors Routine: Oh wait, maybe it's because I just mastered it. An effect where a chosen card appears on either the top or bottom of the deck; wherever the spectator thinks.

Didn't really like this one because it uses psychology, but that's just me. A signed card is lost in the deck. The 4 Kings are placed in the deck to find the card, but one by one they jump to the performer's pocket instead.

Finally, the deck is placed in the hands of the performer, given a squeeze, and the deck melts away leaving only the Kings sandwiching the chosen card. I think this is one of the best effects in the book.

Could be used as a stage or street effect. So guys, I hope you liked my review. This book is amazing, and I say you go and pick it up right now! So what do you guys think? Craig Matsuoka - The Gaff Factory Craig Petty - Pool Ball Miracles Crispin Sartwell - The Color Change Deveen - Expert Cigarette Magic Dai Vernon - A Chinese Classic Dai Vernon - Card of Gods Dai Vernon - Card Sleights and Moves Dai Vernon - Cutting The Aces Dai Vernon - Expanded Lecture Notes Dai Vernon - The Vernon Touch Dai Vernon - Tribute to Nate Leipzig Dai Vernon - Trick that Cannot be Explained Dai Vernon - Triumph Nice 1.

A control that allows you to control multiple cards to the top of the deck at once. The One-Handed Popover: A method to replace a palmed card Difficulty- Intermediate Golden Nugget.

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