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And if that isn't enough, there's the Looking Glass Maze to get through.” Bibwit Harte, alone in the library at Heart Palace, recited from an ancient Wonderland. The Looking Glass Wars (Looking Glass Wars, Book 1) · Read more Seeing Redd (Looking Glass Wars, Book 2) · Read more. The Myth: Alice was an ordinary girl who stepped through the looking glass and entered a fairy-tale world invented by Lewis Carroll in his famous storybook.

The Looking Glass Wars Pdf

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Ebook `The looking glass`: ebooks list of Frank Crane. Series: The Looking Glass Wars (1)[|] Original publication date: download b/w PDF (original scan). Excerpt: 'The Looking Glass. Wars'. Read the prologue and first chapter from Frank Beddor's new novel, a reimagining of ''Alice in Wonderland''. THE LOOKING GLASS WARS. The Wall Street. Journal hailed it, “An exciting story that will set hearts pounding in children age 10 and up” and.

However, Alyss feels betrayed when this man uses her stories and twists them to write a novel that essentially makes light of her memories. From this moment on, Alyss conforms to the ways of her new world, almost convincing herself that her memories of Wonderland are only an overactive imagination, as everyone has told her. Hatter stumbles upon a copy of Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and tracks down the author.

Carroll tells Hatter where he can find Alyss, but when he tries to get past the security at Kensington Palace, he is accidentally shot by a guard.

Hatter manages to escape into a puddle back to Wonderland where he is found and taken to the Alyssian camp for medical care.

When Dodge learns that Alyss is still alive, he goes through the Pool of Tears to bring her back to Wonderland. With Alyss back in Wonderland, hope once again fills the Alyssians who have fought for so long against Redd in Alyss's name.

However, Alyss cannot remember how to use White Imagination and is worried she might not be able to lead her people to victory.

However, after going through the Looking Glass Maze, Alyss grows more confident. In a battle with Redd, Alyss proves her superior strength, but is surprised when Redd jumps into the Heart Crystal with her assassin rather than allow Alyss to win the battle.

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During the final battle with Queen Redd, his betrayals are discovered by Dodge, and he is subsequently taken prisoner by Alyss in the aftermath.

He is most likely based on the Knave of Hearts. Prince Leopold: When he first meets Alice he kisses her hand and doesn't let go.

After that he follows her around everywhere. Three months later he asks her to marry him. He loves the way she does things; she doesn't try to flirt with him, or amaze him, she is just simply herself, and still beautiful to him.

Based on the real-life Prince Leopold.

She is the ruler of Wonderland prior to Redd's coup. Killed by Redd on Alyss's seventh birthday. She appears to be based on the White Queen. It is also mentioned that she was trained by Hatter Madigan before she came to the Wonderland throne as queen. According to Wonderland scholars, she's one of the greatest queens that ever lived. After her death, Redd who by then became Queen ordered that all books that mentioned her sister were to be burned.

He appears to be based on the White King.

The looking glass

The sequel reveals he was in a relationship with Redd Heart when they were teenagers, but when Redd was disowned by her parents and denied the crown, Nolan turned his attentions on Genevieve, who had become the new heiress to the throne.

King Arch: Ruler of Boarderland. Boarderland is a kingdom a country ruled by a man to which King Nolan is sent to attempt to gain as an ally against Redd. A deeply sexist and misogynistic individual, King Arch's views on women and Wonderland's status as a queendom a nation ruled by a Queen makes him reluctant to ally with Wonderland for fear it would have a negative influence on the female population of Boarderland. He is killed by The Cat on Alyss's seventh birthday. He is based loosely on the White Knight.

Blue Caterpillar: Based on The Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , Blue Caterpillar is the head of six oracle-like caterpillars of which the remaining five are colored red, yellow, orange, green, and purple who live in the Mushroom Valley and act as guardians to the sacred Heart Crystal. The Liddells: Alyss's adopted family.

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Reverend Dean of Christ Church and Mrs. Liddell of Oxford and their three daughters: Edith, Lorina, and Rhoda.

Also, notable in the household is the children's governess, Miss Prickett. None of the Liddels believe that Alyss tells the truth when referring to Wonderland. He is based on the Walrus from Through the Looking-Glass.

He is extremely cowardly because he fears Redd and her power.

After Redd's defeat and the ending of the battle he helps Alyss, Dodge and the others by taking care of their wounds. The series follows Hatter Madigan's search for the missing princess thus working into the continuity of 'The Looking Glass Wars' by following the virtually unseen thirteen-year — search.

The four issue mini-series is now complete and has been collected into a trade paperback. This special issue contained answers to frequent questions, a preview of 'The Looking Glass Wars,' and other supplementary material. Finnish artist Sami Makkonen takes Templesmith's place with a frenetic and dynamic approach to the storytelling.

Hatter finds himself exploring America during the Civil War and is committed to an asylum. Hatter's adventures will include a shamanic vision quest in the Grand Canyon and tracking Black Imagination through San Francisco's Barbary Coast where he discovers an astounding clue to his own haunted past. Writing[ edit ] Beddor commissioned Doug Chiang to help him write the novel by creating art work of some of the places and peoples in the novel based on Beddor's descriptions.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message Most of the characters featured in the book and its sequels are based on the original characters from Lewis Carroll's novels. As yet, the Wonderland characters that have no Looking Glass Wars equivalents include the Dodo although Dodge is based on Dodgson, who is also the basis for the dodo in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , the Duchess , the Dormouse though mentions are made of people feasting on roast dormouse , the Carpenter although Walrus has appeared as Queen Alyss' butler , the Mock Turtle , the Gryphon eaten by Jack of Diamonds in King Arch's tent, in Seeing Redd , the Gnat, and the Lion and the Unicorn.

Dumphy, described as "[a] diminutive hairy-cheeked man Taegel, a gifted weapons inventor that provides Alice with "spy gear" and is credited with having invented the special mirror barrier that once hid the Alyssian camp. He is described as having white hair that blows atop his head like steam coming out of his skull and having eagle-sharp eyes.

This was removed in the US edition as the Tweedle twins originally appeared in Through the Looking-Glass, rather than the first book. I need restrains of some kind put on things like this. Without rules a sort of whimsy takes over where you know that good will beat evil but it's only because the author says so.

This book doesn't completely fall into this problem but it's enough of a problem that I had a hard time with believing some of what was happening in the book. I can accept walking cards and fighting chess pieces, and all of that kind of fantastical world-built stuff, but unfettered imagination just doesn't work for me. Why wouldn't Redd have been able to just ferret out the remaining Alyssians? Why couldn't she spot the real Alyss amongst constructs?

How could Redd be duped by anyone in her inner circle? Too much power is given to some of the characters but then that power needs to be circumnavigated by other characters for there to be a story.

The Looking Glass Wars Worksheets and Literature Unit

It's too much like that ridiculous fight in the second Matrix movie where Neo is fighting a bazillion Agent Smiths, it doesn't make any sense how the fight can be won by either side, it should have just been a recursive loop by the rules set up. I hate those movies. Complaint two. This is a minor one and in a way it's not a complaint, but big narrative chunks are missing in the book. They are the boring parts where characters get from point A to point B, but there are quite a few moments where chunks of what would need to happen is just missing.

This is good to the readability of the book because it cuts out what is possibly 'boring' and keeps the action moving at a swift pace, but it's also kind of jarring. In New York I have to fight some zombie or something to escape the city and I do that in spectacular fashion and my victory ends a chapter.Bibwit Harte: The royal tutor to the Heart family, teaching them everything they have to know to be a good monarch.

Too much power is given to some of the characters but then that power needs to be circumnavigated by other characters for there to be a story. I wish father were here. Those who had entered a little too quickly into the carnage and destruction had trouble adapting to life during peacetime.

Sep 12, emily rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This is a danger whenever unfettered imagination is allowed as a rule in a fictional universe. And then my roommate recommended this book to me, and I found myself taking it.

And the world of Wonderland is absolutely amazing.

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