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Journal entries: A daily record of transaction. Trail Balance: It is a Tally is a complete business solution for any kind of Business Enterprise. It is a full fledged . Making Accounting Entries. 16 – Select the Proper Key As per Requirement. 17 – F6 – Receipt Entries. 18 – F4 – Contra Entries. 20 – Voucher exigo.pro - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Tally chap 5. Go to the Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F4: Contra.

Tally Journal Entries Pdf

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Tally Practical Question - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Tally Journal Entries. exigo.pro 9 is pre-programmed with a variety of accounting vouchers, each designed to In Voucher entry mode, press F Contra Configuration and set the. INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING. 1. 2. exigo.pro 9. 3. INTRODUCTION TO TALLY. 4. ACCOUNTING INFORMATION. 5. VOUCHER ENTRIES IN .

Balancing of Accounts. Preparing Trial Balance.

Preparing Profit and Loss Account. Preparing Balance Sheet.

Capital Capital 24000 Travelling Indirect

We can get different types of reports as required. It is very easy, simple and portable in using Tally. Written By: Company Creation. Accounts Creation. Passing Journal Entries. The remaining last 4 steps of manual accounting is automatically done by the system.

Entering in to Tally 4. Creating Accounts: Here you will write the Account Name and you will be specifying the Group under Which Account is related and you can give Opening Balance of the Accounts.

Voucher Entry.pdf

Creating Cost Centers: Voucher Entries will be as follows: F2 - To give Date of Transaction. F4 - For Contra Entries. F5 - For Cash and Bank Payments.

F6 - For Cash and Bank Receipts. F8 - For Credit Sales. F9 - For Credit Purchases. Then Select the Ledger Account and Change it.

Then make necessary changes needed.

Press Enter Key on any Group to see details. It is used to see in details how many vouchers are entered for each voucher. Select the Account Name and give Maximum Payment Limit for the month and Total Payment Limit for Whole Year and then allot the total payment limit according to your desired payment limit for whole the year Monthly Wise.

It is effective only when you have Previous Year Balance Sheet.

For this purpose you have to create a Duplicate Company with the financial year you want to consolidate. Select the Company you want to take the Final Results, and then do the following steps. Salary Ledger under Direct Incomes as you are receiving the salary. Bank Ledger under Bank Accounts as salary is generally credited in your bank account. You can follow step by step method to create ledgers in Tally here.

After you have created all the above ledgers, please follow the steps below. Then you can either enter Journal voucher in Tally or Receipt voucher in Tally.

The effect will be the same. I will be entering a Receipt Voucher since we are receiving a salary. Now, do the accounting entry for TDS and the salary in the bank account.

It will be as shown below. Have a look at the picture below to see how it works in Tally.

This method can be applied to any kind of payment that you receive after your TDS has been deducted. Now, let us move ahead to the next point. It is about whether you are eligible for the TDS refund or not.

But, before we pass the entry, we need to create a new ledger. If you want to know which ledger group you have to select while creating a ledger, I recommend you go through this list of ledger accounts in Tally. It will be a journal voucher because there is no cash or bank account involved in this entry. Here are the steps to pass a journal entry for TDS receivable in Tally.

From Gateway of Tally, go to Accounting Vouchers. Now, select Journal Voucher by pressing F7 or selecting Journal from the right hand side green bar. The accounting entry for TDS receivable in Tally will be as shown below. Here is the entry for that. That is the 3rd point among the 4 points at the beginning.

Now, assume you are in place of the employer and you are deducting the TDS from your employee. That is what we are going to look at in this part but with different numbers and a different example so you can understand it better.

Example 1 – Basic TDS Explanation and TDS Credit

So, let us take another TDS example. Now, we will pass the accounting entry with TDS for the above transaction in Tally. This TDS entry can be done in both payment voucher as well as the journal voucher in Tally. Now, press F5 which is the shortcut in Tally for payment vouchers or select Payment Voucher from the right hand side green bar.

The accounting entry for the above transaction with TDS in the example will be as under. Please see the picture below to make your understanding crystal clear. TDS Deduction Entry in Tally while making a payment Continuing with this example, we will move ahead to see last entry which from the above 4 point entries. But, till the time you pay it, it will become a TDS payable for you.

Let us understand it with the help of an example. Therefore we have to create a ledger for that in Tally.

Let us pass the TDS entry in Tally for the above transaction. Here is a step by step explanation. This TDS entry will be a journal entry because there are no bank or cash accounts involved. Then press F7 to select the Journal Voucher. Let me bring those 4 TDS entries in Tally once again if you have forgotten it. Fourth and lastly, you are liable to pay the TDS or not. Firstly, we will look at the TDS accounting entry under GST where your TDS was deducted by someone else, which in this case, will be the government right now as per the rules.

For the above transaction, you will have to pass a GST Sales entry in Tally , and then when we will receive the amount from the government company, we will pass a receipt entry in Tally.

Here is how the transaction will look.

Tally Practical Question

Now, you will be in the Ledger Creation screen. We mention type of GST and percentage in the name itself, so at the time of passing the entry, we will know exactly what ledger we are using. Select Central Tax from Tax Types. Now, if you want to maintain balances bill by bill in Tally , you can set this option to Yes. I have kept it No for now.

And, finally, save the ledger. Just select State Tax instead of Central Tax this time. Now, go to Receipt voucher by pressing F6. Look at in the picture below.Name of Item. Popular in Culture.

TDS Entry in Tally with GST – 7 Easy Examples – PDF Download

If supplementary details are set to yes in F Of course, this is a very simple example but it is necessary to understand TDS for the first time. Ledger Account. Real Accounts:

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